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15 things

Today, for your reading pleasure, I have produced a list entitled "15 Things About Today". It will be comprised of a list of 15 things about today.


1. No breakfast.

2. Sub in my classroom so I could write benchmark tests.

3. I wore jeans and flip-flops.

4. Bomb threat called into 911 for both high schools in the county.

5. Evacuation to football field.

6. Sub disappeared. Guess I'd better watch my class.

7. Dang... purse, or more importantly sunglasses, left in school.

8. Nearly 3 hours of whiny, hungry, hot teenagers sitting on football field.

9. No bomb. Back to classroom, sub reappears, I go back to writing benchmarks.

10. Leave early as have finished said test writing.

11. Go home, make bacon, red pepper, broccoli quiche.

12. Grade papers, eat quiche, read book.

13. Fall asleep.

14. Cat litter... bleh

15. Dinner.

So there you have it.

Thank you.


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Sep. 13th, 2011 05:00 am (UTC)
umm.....bacon, red apper, and brocc quiche? YUM

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