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So... I have a kitten...

Two of the periods I taught this past year were collaborative classes, meaning there were special education students in the class and a special ed co-teacher in the room. My collab teacher, Elaine, is an older, single lady who, funnily enough, is actually a crazy cat lady. :) She has over the legal limit of cats and several dogs, and she's always rescuing more from random places. One Monday in early May, she showed up for class with a cat carrier. Over the weekend, she had been at a PetSmart when a young couple brought in a tiny kitten in a cardboard box, asking the workers there if they could take it. Apparently, it had been abandoned by its mother and they heard it crying in their garage. For some strange "liability" reasons, the PetSmart people wouldn't take the kitten, so Elaine did. So there she was on that Monday, with this tiny kitten whose eyes weren't even open, needing to bottle-feed it every couple of hours. So for about 4 weeks, she brought this kitten to school every day, hiding him in his little heat-blanket warmed carrier under my desk, taking him out to feed him every once in a while. The kids finally noticed him and, as we were reading Shakespeare at the time, decided to name him Gaius Julius Caesar (called Julius). He was a fun distraction while they were getting ready for finals, and a great incentive as the kids were told that they might hold him if they were quiet and finished their work.

One day, Elaine and I got to talking about pets and I mentioned that I like cats and had kind of been wanting one. Long story short, she offered to finish weaning him, getting his shots, having him neutered, and in general raising him for me until he was ready to come live with me.

Julius has been living with me for over a week now, and he's now nearly 9 weeks old. It's been interesting having this little orange, furry ball of claws running around my house, but we're getting along. I play with him until he's so tired naps just attack him, and he's beginning to learn that I really dislike being scratched or bitten. Today we took a little nap together on the couch, and he woke me up by licking my face, which is a very odd feeling indeed, but pretty adorable too.

I realize that this whole post is a little pathetic, but I'm ok with that. I like having a cat, and it's been fun to have him around. If typical cat life-expectancy is correct, he should be around the next 15 years or so, and I promised Elaine I'd give Julius a "forever home", so that's that. :)

So... kitten post down. Next update - school/work happenings.


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Jun. 22nd, 2011 03:31 am (UTC)
embrace cat-ladyness! They're fun and entertaining and give you someone to talk to besides yourself.
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